Discover the enchanting world of Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023! In this blog, we’ll guide you through the most popular Thanksgiving activities and events at the happiest place on Earth. From thrilling rides to delectable dining options, we’ll help you plan your perfect Disney Thanksgiving adventure.

Explore the magic of Disneyland this Thanksgiving as we delve into the rides, shows, meet-and-greets, and delectable Thanksgiving feasts awaiting you. With special events like the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot and exclusive dining experiences, you won’t want to miss this unforgettable celebration. Our blog will also provide essential tips and answers to frequently asked questions, ensuring your family’s Thanksgiving at Disneyland is stress-free and filled with joy. Join us in discovering the ultimate way to celebrate the holiday season with Mickey and friends!


Most Popular Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 Activities and Events
Most Popular Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 Activities and Events

Thanksgiving at Disneyland is not just a holiday celebration; it’s a magical journey that combines the enchantment of Disney with the warmth and gratitude of Thanksgiving. As we prepare to embrace the joy of Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023, what better way to do it than in the heart of the Disneyland Resort? In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about spending Thanksgiving at the happiest place on Earth, from dates and hours to the fantastic activities and events that await you.

What is Thanksgiving at Disneyland?

Thanksgiving at Disneyland is a unique blend of the traditional and the extraordinary. It’s a time when the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle is adorned with seasonal decorations, and familiar Disney characters don their Thanksgiving finest. While you immerse yourself in this captivating ambiance, you can also enjoy special Thanksgiving shows, scrumptious dining, and even an annual Turkey Trot.

When is Thanksgiving in 2023? 

In 2023, Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 23rd, and there’s no better place to celebrate this day of gratitude and togetherness than at Disneyland. But what are the exact hours of operation on this special day, and what delightful events does Disneyland have in store for its guests during the Thanksgiving season? Let’s dive right in and discover the magic that awaits!

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Activities in Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023

As you plan your visit to Disneyland during the Thanksgiving season, you’ll find an array of enchanting activities that are sure to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones. To make the most of your experience, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the Disneyland Thanksgiving schedule.

Rides and Attractions

Rides and Attractions - Most Popular Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 Activities and Events

If you’re visiting Disneyland during Thanksgiving 2023, you’re in for a thrilling ride—literally! The holiday season at Disneyland doesn’t mean missing out on your favorite attractions. The Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 experience includes a fantastic array of rides and attractions that will add that extra dash of excitement to your holiday celebration.

From the exhilarating twists and turns of Space Mountain to the refreshing splashes of Splash Mountain, and the swashbuckling adventures of Pirates of the Caribbean, you can enjoy these iconic experiences during your Thanksgiving visit. The magic of Disneyland remains in full swing, so be sure to include these rides and attractions in your holiday itinerary for a truly unforgettable experience.

Shows and Entertainment

Shows and Entertainment - Can't Miss Disney World Thanksgiving Things to Do

While Disneyland is known for its thrilling rides and iconic characters, the holiday season brings a special kind of magic in the form of shows and entertainment. As part of the Disneyland Thanksgiving Activities, you can look forward to a lineup of captivating performances and festive displays that will add an extra layer of enchantment to your visit.

From the enchanting “A Christmas Fantasy Parade” to the beloved “it’s a small world” Holiday, the park is brimming with holiday cheer. These shows and entertainment options are designed to immerse you in the joyous spirit of Thanksgiving, making your visit to Disneyland during the holiday season truly memorable. Be sure to check the schedule to catch these spectacular performances.

Meet and Greets

Meet and Greets - Most Popular Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 Activities and Events

One of the most cherished aspects of visiting Disneyland during Thanksgiving activities is the chance to meet your beloved Disney characters, all dressed in their delightful Thanksgiving attire. These meet-and-greets offer a unique opportunity to create magical memories with your favorite characters while capturing some unforgettable photos.

Whether it’s a warm hug from Mickey, a chat with Cinderella, or a high-five from Buzz Lightyear, these interactions bring a special kind of joy. The Disneyland Thanksgiving Activities schedule provides the times and locations for these meet-and-greet opportunities, ensuring that you won’t miss the chance to make your holiday visit even more memorable. Don’t forget to have your camera ready!


Dining - Most Popular Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 Activities and Events

Thanksgiving is a time for feasting and savoring the flavors of the season, and Disneyland knows how to do it in style. As part of Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy Thanksgiving-inspired meals and treats at the park’s many restaurants and cafes.

From succulent turkey and savory stuffing to creamy mashed potatoes and delectable pumpkin pie, Disneyland offers a delectable array of traditional holiday dishes. The Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 dining experience ensures that you can relish the warmth and joy of the holiday while dining on delicious, well-prepared cuisine. So, be sure to explore the dining options during your visit and indulge in the festive flavors that Disneyland has to offer.


Shopping - Most Popular Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 Activities and Events

No visit to Disneyland is complete without a little retail therapy, and during Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023, you have the perfect excuse to indulge in some holiday shopping. The park’s many shops are brimming with Thanksgiving souvenirs and magical mementos to commemorate your special visit.

Whether you’re looking for festive apparel, unique keepsakes, or delightful gifts for friends and family, Disneyland’s shops have you covered. From cozy holiday sweaters to iconic Mickey Mouse ears with a Thanksgiving twist, you’ll find a wide array of treasures to choose from. Don’t forget to explore the shopping opportunities during your visit, and take home a piece of the Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 magic with you.

With a carefully planned Disneyland Thanksgiving schedule, you can immerse yourself in these enchanting activities and create cherished moments that will make your holiday truly magical.

Disneyland Thanksgiving Events

Thanksgiving at Disneyland in 2023 isn’t just about the rides, entertainment, and dining. It’s a time when the park goes the extra mile to offer unique and memorable experiences, adding a special touch to your holiday celebration. Here are some of the standout Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 events you won’t want to miss

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot - Most Popular Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 Activities and Events

Embrace a healthy and festive start to your Thanksgiving Day by participating in the annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot at Disneyland. This lively 5K run/walk event winds its way through the enchanting Disneyland Resort, offering a unique opportunity to create special memories with family and friends.

The Turkey Trot isn’t just about fitness; it’s a fun and inclusive way to kick off your holiday celebration while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the park. With Disneyland’s signature magic in the air, this event adds an extra layer of excitement to your Thanksgiving experience. Don’t forget to lace up your running shoes, gather your loved ones, and join in on this heartwarming tradition.

Thanksgiving Eve Dinner at Carnation Cafe

Thanksgiving Eve Dinner at Carnation Cafe - Most Popular Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 Activities and Events

Extend the spirit of Thanksgiving by savoring a delectable Thanksgiving Eve Dinner at Carnation Cafe, making it a memorable addition to your Disneyland Thanksgiving events itinerary. The cafe, with its charming and vintage-inspired setting, provides the perfect backdrop for a heartwarming pre-Thanksgiving celebration.

Indulge in a scrumptious meal featuring flavors that are sure to evoke the essence of the holiday season. As you enjoy your dinner, you’ll be surrounded by the enchanting atmosphere of Disneyland, creating a unique and magical experience. With delectable cuisine and the park’s enchanting ambiance, the Thanksgiving Eve Dinner at Carnation Cafe offers a delightful prelude to the main Thanksgiving event. Be sure to make reservations and secure your spot for this unforgettable evening.

Thanksgiving Day Brunch at Blue Bayou Restaurant

Thanksgiving Day Brunch at Blue Bayou Restaurant - Most Popular Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 Activities and Events

Indulge in an exquisite Thanksgiving Day Brunch at the Blue Bayou Restaurant, nestled within the enchanting setting of Disneyland. This dining experience is a highlight of your Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 visit, combining delectable cuisine with a unique and immersive atmosphere.

As you savor your meal inside the restaurant, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the captivating ambiance of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. It’s an extraordinary blend of culinary delights and Disney magic. From savory dishes to delightful desserts, this brunch offers a gourmet Thanksgiving experience that’s sure to leave you with cherished memories of your holiday at Disneyland. To secure your spot for this extraordinary event, be sure to make reservations in advance.

These Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 events add an extra layer of magic to your holiday celebration. Be sure to make reservations well in advance to secure your spot at these popular events and create cherished memories during your Thanksgiving visit.

Disneyland Thanksgiving Tips

As you plan your magical Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023, here are some valuable tips to ensure you make the most of your holiday celebration:

  • Make Reservations: Given the popularity of Disneyland during Thanksgiving, it’s crucial to make advance reservations for restaurants and hotels. This will help you secure your spot at special events and guarantee a table for your holiday feast.
  • Arrive Early: Beat the crowds by arriving early at the park. Lines for rides and attractions tend to be shorter in the morning, allowing you to experience more during your visit.
  • Take Breaks: Disneyland is vast, and exploring it can be exhausting. Be sure to schedule breaks throughout the day to rest, refuel, and avoid burnout.
  • Dress Comfortably: Comfort is key when wandering the park’s wonders. Wear suitable clothing and shoes for long walks and unpredictable weather.
  • Bring a Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is essential, especially in the warm Southern California climate. Pack a refillable water bottle to keep you refreshed throughout the day.

By following these Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 tips, you can ensure a stress-free and memorable holiday celebration with your family and friends. Enjoy the enchantment of Disneyland and the joy of Thanksgiving all in one place.


Thanksgiving at Disneyland is more than just a celebration; it’s an enchanting journey filled with the magic of Disney and the warmth of the holiday season. As we’ve explored in this guide, Disneyland Thanksgiving 2023 promises a host of activities and events that cater to every member of the family. From thrilling rides and captivating shows to delightful meet-and-greets and delectable dining, there’s something to enchant every heart.

The Disneyland Thanksgiving schedule ensures that you don’t miss a moment of the holiday magic, whether it’s feasting on traditional Thanksgiving fare at Plaza Inn, working off the calories with the Turkey Trot, indulging in a pre-Thanksgiving dinner at Carnation Cafe, or savoring a gourmet Thanksgiving brunch at the Blue Bayou Restaurant.

And with a few practical tips in hand, you can make your Thanksgiving celebration at Disneyland even more delightful. Make reservations, arrive early, take breaks, dress comfortably, and stay hydrated for a seamless experience.

In the heart of the Disneyland Resort, you’ll find an atmosphere of festive joy and togetherness that’s simply unforgettable. Disneyland brings the enchantment of Thanksgiving alive, creating lasting memories for families and friends. So, why wait? Plan your Disneyland Thanksgiving adventure, and make this year’s celebration truly magical. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below, and happy Thanksgiving!